H for Horology.
new🇨🇭watch brand

new🇨🇭watch brand

H for Horology

H for Horology

H for Hour

H for Hour

H for Humanity

H for Humanity

H2 Black + Silver

I am pleased to announce that I am H2, the younger sister of the H1 collection.

I am an automatic watch and I am always COSC certified, which guarantees my quality and precision. I was created with care and attention by a passionate team of watchmakers who put all their know-how and expertise into designing a unique watch.

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Dream, connect, envision, create, achieve, evolve.

The H992 family is thrilled to announce my birth: I am H2.

H2, the watch of the new generation within the H992 family. As my family expands, I am proud to represent the continuity and future of the H992 adventure. The brand is flourishing, filled with joy at my arrival in the world, standing at a proud 38 millimeters. I am the embodiment of the second collection of the H992 family. I am different yet familiar. I am not a replica of the first generation; I am its offspring, its evolution. While opening new horizons, I retain all the characteristics of the brand. I remain a contemporary object of design. Pure and timeless. I am incredibly excited to soon grace your wrist and become your watch, carrying the new generation of the H992 family all around the world.

I am part of the H992 family, but I am unique. One of a kind. Smaller than the previous generation, I adapt to slender wrists with ease. My metal bracelet makes me a true jewel. I am a jewel watch. My reduced dimensions give me a delicate and perhaps more graceful appearance, but my heart is just as strong and steady. It beats to the rhythm of a COSC-certified automatic movement. The slender lines have not compromised my precision.

As the youngest member, before the next collection claims this position, I can afford some audacity. I come in various colors. For my dial, I dare to feature mother-of-pearl, salmon or celestial blue, while still embracing the variations of previous generations. I have my own personality, but there is no doubt that I carry the distinctive H992 family traits that make us all so different.

Building on the success of the first collection, the H992 family embarked on the creation of a second generation: H2. This project has been a triumph. I maintain the key features of the brand: precision, style, and pure design. My new size allows for greater diversity.

Like my predecessors, I was born at 992 meters above sea level. That is where I was conceived. That is where I grew. But not too much. I retain the regularity and rigor of the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds. In my DNA, I also carry the freedom and rebellious spirit of the mountain dwellers. A right-angled architecture that opens up beautiful perspectives. I am the fusion of art and technology, freedom and precision.

I retain the letter H, representing Horology, Hour, Humanity, and I also embrace Harmony, Humility, and Hedonism, to bring Happiness to those who wear me. All while remaining Swiss, starting with an H. My Swiss Made label serves as a reminder.

Of course, I know that I will not remain the youngest member of the H992 family. It brings me great joy to envision the next generations joining us. The upcoming collections will succeed me without overshadowing my presence. With my personality, I will know how to maintain my place. I will be H2, the watch that adapts to the slimmest wrists, a delicately crafted jewel that has retained the precision of the steel in my case and the clarity of my sapphire crystal. I am H2, the second collection of the H992 family.

Technical features


SW200 automatic, COSC certified



Case diameter


Case thickness





Rubber, Metal

Water resistance

10 ATM 100 meters


Sapphire, double anti-reflective treatment on the inside AR43, thickness 1.40mm

Limited edition

992 (global H2 collection)

Automatic movement, COSC certified

The professionalism and experience of my creators have also allowed me to be of high precision. My heart beats for you. I have been awarded the COSC label. A symbol of quality and precision envied by many. My creative team knows how to express themselves, but also be extremely demanding when it comes to achieving excellence.